Pack 802 will hold our annual Pinewood Derby on Saturday, 26 February 2022.  Thank you to everyone that got their cars checked-in and impounded! We have 41 scouts and a dozen siblings/adults racing this year and there are so many amazing looking cars.  We will begin racing by den and the top three cars in each den will be awarded a trophy.  Additionally, we will re-race the top ten cars in our Pack 802 finals on Saturday afternoon and the top five overall will receive a pack trophy.  Finally, we will calculate points based on how each den performs relative to each other to determine which rank will earn top den for 2022.  There are several very fast looking cars and I can’t wait to see how things shake out on the track!

Just like in real life, not every car is built for speed.  Please help to acknowledge all of the creativity by voting on our derby awards using the form below.  There are 41 scout cars competing for your votes in the following categories:

  • Best in Show
  • Most Creative Use of Materials/Accessories
  • Best Craftsmanship/Woodworking Skills
  • Best Paint Job
  • Best Use of Stickers/Decals
  • Best Theme (Movie/Show/Game/Etc)
  • Most Aerodynamic
  • Most Interesting Shape (Unique)
  • Most Colorful
  • Most Realistic Looking Vehicle
  • Best Car That’s Not Shaped Like A Car

Please view all scout cars in the gallery below and use the form to cast your votes.  If you click on the top right corner of the gallery (magnifying glass) you can view the images full screen.  There are navigation arrows at the side of each image to scroll between each car.

Voting Rules:  Please remember a scout is trustworthy.  Scouts are permitted to vote for their own car but are encouraged to cast votes for the car that best applies to each category.  It is likely that one car may fall under more than one category but it is highly unlikely that a single car will be the most suitable in every category.  All scouts are permitted to complete the form and vote for their favorites in each category one time.  If scouts do not have a favorite car in a category, he or she may select the default choice, N/A.  A single adult partner for every scout may also complete the form one time, for a total of two vote submissions per scout.  For example, a household with one scout may submit the form up to two times.  A household with two scouts may submit the form up to four times.  You will need to refresh your web browser to cast each additional vote.  Voting will close at the conclusion of racing on Saturday afternoon so please do not wait to cast your votes.

Congratulations to the Winners!

  • Best in Show:  Bowser’s Evil Car
  • Most Creative Use of materials/Accessories:  The Bolt
  • Best Craftmanship/Woodworking Skills:  Noob1234
  • Best Paint Job:  Yurtle the Turtle
  • Best Use of Stickers/Decals:  Dwagon
  • Best Theme (Movie/Show/Game/etc:  Ghostbusters
  • Most Aerodynamic:  The Panther
  • Most Interesting Shape (Unique):  Black Hole Bolt from the Blue
  • Most Colorful:  Duplo Racer
  • Most Realistic Looking Vehicle:  Uhaul Truck
  • Best Car that’s Not Shaped Like a Car:  Justin Tucker, Watermelon Sugar, Kinderregal (3 way tie)
Scout Car 48
Scout Car 47
Scout Car 46
Black Hole Bolt from the Blue
Scout Car 45
PWD Slayer
Scout Car 44
La Ferria
Scout Car 43
Donald's Truck
Scout Car 42
Speed Racer
Scout Car 40
Watermelon Sugar
Scout Car 39
Agent P 2.0
Scout Car 38
Scout Car 37
Scout Car 36
This is the Way
Scout Car 35
Code Cat
Scout Car 34
Scout Car 33
Scout Car 32
Scout Car 31
Scout Car 30
Scout Car 29
Scout Car 28
Justin Tucker
Scout Car 26
The Bolt
Scout Car 25
Yurtle the Turtle
Scout Car 23
Scout Car 22
Fire Dude
Scout Car 21
Speed Racer
Scout Car 20
Scout Car 19
The Panther
Scout Car 18
Scout Car 17
The Enderman
Scout Car 16
Fireball American
Scout Car 14
Bowser's Evil Car
Scout Car 13
Fast Batmobile
Scout Car 12
Scout Car 11
Duplo Racer
Scout Car 10
Camp Life
Scout Car 9
Tesla W 7
Scout Car 6
Bone Shaker
Scout Car 5
Unicorn 9000
Scout Car 4
Fire Flame
Scout Car 3
Uhaul Truck
Scout Car 1
Snowdrop the Unicorn