Please use the sheets below to register for all events and sign-up for fundraising opportunities.  When you complete a sign-up, please register the adult partner (parent or guardian) using a valid email address and phone number and list your scout’s name in the appropriate information field.

When you sign-up for an event such as a camping trip, this form is used to give the leaders an estimate of attendance; however, registration will not be finalized until you have submitted your event fee if applicable to the Pack Treasurer.

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Attend Star Wars Movie at Horizon Cinemas

Event Chair: Kim Elam (Committee Chair)

December 22, 2019

Task/ItemStart Time End TimeAvailable SpotsItem DetailsItem Qty
Attend Star Wars Movie Horizon Cinemas 9:00 am 12:30 pm#1: Kimberly E.99
#10: Brittney O.55
#15: Kimberly K.55
#20: Chase D.22
#22: Bethany M.44
#26: Demetria M.33
#29: Anne S.33
#32: Emily T.33
#35: Rachel T.33
#38: Allen R.1 scout , 2 adults3
#41: Christopher M..33
#44: Kyle K.44
#48: Jenna H.33
#51: Scott H.22
#53: Kimberly G.22
#55: Christina C.55
41 remaining: