Harford District Spring Camporee Participant Survey
Thank you for participating in the Harford District Spring Camporee! Your responses to this survey are voluntary but are important for shaping future district programming. All responses are anonymous unless you choose to share your contact information.


What should we start doing for the next event? (New ideas or things you are looking forward to)
What should we stop doing or improve for the next event? (Challenges or something you can use more support with)
What should we continue to do next time? (Highlights or positive things that occurred)


Do you have suggestions for a future camporee theme(s)?
Do you have any suggestions for new program ideas at a future camporee? (e.g. stations, ceremonies, open program, etc)
Do you have any other feedback or suggestions that were not covered elsewhere that would make this event more attractive or inclusive to the scouts and families in our district?

Contact Info (Optional)

Pack/Troop Number