Troop 238 Popcorn Fundraiser Interest Survey
Troop 238 will participate in the annual Baltimore Area Council popcorn sales fundraiser. Scouts that participate in the fundraiser will earn money in their individual scout account and may qualify for additional rewards (e.g. Amazon gift cards, Council Awards). Please answer the following questions so that we can gauge the level of interest and build up the popcorn team to help support it.
Note: These levels represent approximate return based on 35% unit commission and 90/10 split between scout/troop. Final commission details, reward values, and council incentives will be provided at the popcorn kickoff in July/August.
Please used this space to list any questions you have that you would like covered at the T238 popcorn kickoff training. Alternatively, you may also use this space to provide feedback to the Troop 238 popcorn team on ways to enhance the sale (e.g. possible sales locations, business contacts, etc)