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Cub Scout Uniform 101 – Tips for uniform purchase and awards/insignia placement

The Cub Scout uniform is an important part of scouting because it provides each scout with a sense of belonging and identification within the den, pack, and Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  It also helps to create an environment of equality across all scouts, reminds scouts of their personal commitment to BSA ideals, and is used to recognize the scouts’ achievements through the display of earned awards.

All scouts should wear the official scout uniform during den and pack meetings and for most scouting events unless otherwise instructed by the Cubmaster or other pack leaders.  Example events where the official uniform is appropriate include pack fundraisers (e.g. popcorn show and sells or individual sales) and participation in parades.  The official uniform is typically not required but may be optionally worn for other pack outings such as hiking/cycling/paddling trips, pack overnighter or family camping trips, or other outings where athletic apparel would be more appropriate.  For some events such as the Harford District Camporee, the pack may request the scouts wear the official uniform for only a portion of the event (e.g. awards ceremony).  When in doubt about the dress code for any event, please confirm with a pack leader.

While the BSA offers a comprehensive head-to-toe uniform for Cub Scouts, Pack 802 only requires the scouts purchase the official scout uniform shirt (with required patches), the scout belt (necessary for display of earned belt loops), and the rank neckerchief.  Scouts are required only required to purchase a neckerchief during their first year with the pack.  The pack will provide scouts with a new neckerchief and slide at the end of the scout year when the scouts advance to the next rank.  The matching scout pants, cap, and socks are optional components of the uniform.  The list of required patches and insignia and links to the items on follows:

All uniform components can be purchased online through, or at the local scout shop.  The Harford District scout shop is located within the Festival Plaza at 5 Bel Air S Pkwy J1009, Bel Air, MD 21015.

Additional Uniform Tips:

  • Pack 802 does not require scouts to purchase den number patches
  • Purchase the generic belt with the wolf logo rather than a den specific belt (e.g. Tiger) so that your scout can continue to use the same belt throughout Cub Scouts
  • The official belt can be cut to size but may be left long to accommodate your scout’s growth
  • Purchase a uniform shirt that is slightly larger than required to extend the time your scout is able to wear it before needing a larger size
  • The pack typically has access to a limited number of pre-worn uniform components available to scouts with financial need
  • The official BSA uniform website provides a helpful tutorial to guide you in the correct placement of these required patches
  • Additional information regarding patches and other items that may be worn on the official uniform can be found in the BSA guide to Awards and Insignia
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