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Cub Scouts Can Code – Part 1

Part 1 – Self Study Requirements

This section requires scouts to perform approximately 1 hour of self-study to gain an introductory knowledge of computers, computer programming, and/or careers that involve computers.  Scouts have three options for completing this section.

  1. Watch videos about computers/computer science.
  2. Read about computers/computer science.
  3. Do a combination of watching videos and reading.

For all options above, scouts should make a list of at least two questions from each video or article and be prepared to discuss these questions with the counselor.  The following worksheet is optional and can be used to take notes about the self-study. Worksheet Link

Scouts may submit completed worksheet or message their counselor about this requirement at the following web form. Self Study Response Form

Video Resources:

How Computers Work

Cub Scouts Can Code YouTube Playlist

BBC Video Playlist

DK YouTube Playlist

Reading Resources:


Women in Coding

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