Gettysburg Heritage Trails Program

Program Requirements

The five program elements of the Gettysburg Heritage Trail are:

  1. The Gettysburg Visitor’s Center and National Cemetery
  2. The Billy Yank Trail
  3. The Johnny Reb Trail
  4. The Eisenhower National Historic Site
  5. The Historic Gettysburg Trail

Program Overview

The Gettysburg Heritage Trails program provides scouts an opportunity to learn about the battle of Gettysburg, historical Gettysburg, and the life of President Eisenhower through a series of self-guided tours.  The information required to complete each segment of the program is contained in the official Gettysburg Heritage Trails Guide published by the National Park Service and the New Birth of Freedom Council.  Trail guides may be purchased online through the New Birth of Freedom scout shop (linked at right), but are also available in person at the Gettysburg Visitor’s Center gift shop.  Hike reports for each of the three required hikes are available as separate posts linked to the right.


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