Intro to Dutch Oven Cooking


The Dutch oven is one of the most versatile cooking tools available for outdoor cooking but it can be a bit intimidating for scouts and adults when getting started. The printable guide linked above is intended to provide a step-by-step introduction to cooking with a dutch oven so that anyone can do it.  Additionally, I’ve posted links to a few resources that I have found helpful.



Process Overview

  1. Assemble tools
  2. Assemble ingredients
  3. Light coals
  4. Distribute coals
  5. Check food while cooking
  6. Replenish coals
  7. Check for food doneness
  8. Remove oven from heat
  9. Eat and enjoy/Prepare for cleanup
  10. Cleanup

Quick Tips

  1. Use an oven liner to ease cleanup
  2. Use foil on cooking surface
  3. When in doubt use the ring method
  4. Remove extra coals from chimney
  5. Brush ash away from lid edge
  6. Rotate lid/oven to avoid hot spots
  7. Scrub oven with course salt and oil
  8. Preheat foods using on camp stove
  9. Stack ovens to increase cooking area
  10. Make DIY oven liners from parchment paper

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