Pinewood Derby 2021 Results


We had a very fun and competitive pinewood derby on 6 March 2021.  The scouts made so many great car designs and everyone should be proud of their efforts!  Please contratulate the Bear den for having the top overall performance for 2021.  Their den will be added to the Pack 802 trophy.  The 5 scout cars that finished on top after our final race of ten are the following:
  • 1st Place = Roadblox
  • 2nd Place = Terminator 2
  • 3rd Place = The Derby Racer
  • 4rd Place = Sweet Ride
  • 5th Place = Blue Fire

Lion, Tiger, and Wolf Den Results

Lion 1st Place = Blue Fire
Lion 2nd Place = Henry Danger
Lion 3rd Place = The Grayson Racer
Tiger 1st Place = Spongey
Tiger 2nd Place = Dale
Tiger 3rd Place = Bowser Bullet
Wolf 1st Place = Dogbomb 301
Wolf 2nd Place = Arrow
Wolf 3rd Place = Pika Racer
Scout Car-1
Henry Danger
Scout Car-2
Blue Fire
Scout Car-3
Scout Car-4
The Grayson Racer
Scout Car-5
Miles' Mario Kart
Scout Car-6
Siren Racer
Scout Car-7
Bowser Bullet
Scout Car-8
Scout Car-9
Scout Car-10
Campion's Champion
Scout Car-11
The Shark
Scout Car-12
Flaming Arrow
Scout Car-13
The Imposter
Scout Car-14
Mario Racer
Scout Car-16
Scout Car-15
Scout Car-17
Dogbomb 301
Scout Car-18
Pika Racer
Scout Car-19
Tanking Bankity
Scout Car-20
Scout Car-21
Sweet Ride
Scout Car-22
Scout Car-23
The Big Cheese
Scout Car-24
Black Mamba
Scout Car-25
Scout Car-26
Pepe Le Pew
Scout Car-27
Fire God
Scout Car-28
Rip Roaring Challenger
Scout Car-29
Flame Speed
Scout Car-30
Lloyd Speeder
Scout Car-31
Ski on Neon
Scout Car-32
The Plague
Scout Car-33
Lightning Bolt
Scout Car-34
Scout Car-35
Terminator 2
Scout Car-36
The Derby Racer
Scout Car-37
Ultimate Wiener
Scout Car-38
Zoom Zoom

Bear, Webelos, and AOL Den Results

Bear 1st Place = Roadblox
Bear 2nd Place = Sweet Ride
Bear 3rd Place = Superflitz
Webelos 1st Place = Ski on Neon
Webelos 2nd Place = The Plague
Webelos 3rd Place = Flame Speed
AOL 1st Place = Terminator 2
AOL 2nd Place = The Derby Racer
AOL 3rd Place = Bullet

Sibling and Outlaw Results

Sibling 1st Place = Tribute to Cub Scouts
Sibling 2nd Place = Vroom Vroom
Sibling 3rd Place = Disney Cruise
Outlaw 1st Place = Yellow Bananarama
Outlaw 2nd Place = Red Blaze
Outlaw 3rd Place = Sea Ya Later II
Sibling Car-1
Pile Driver
Sibling Car-3
Tribute to Cub Scouts
Sibling Car-2
Disney Cruise
Adult Car-300
Red Blaze
Adult Car-305
Yellow Bananarama
Adult Car-304
Ocean Raptor
Adult Car-303
Adult Car-302
Make A Wish
Adult Car-301
Sea Ya Later II
Scout Car-35
Terminator 2
Scout Car-14
Mario Racer
Scout Car-3
Scout Car-7
Bowser Bullet
Scout Car-15
Scout Car-37
Ultimate Wiener
Scout Car-31
Ski on Neon
Scout Car-21
Sweet Ride
Scout Car-34
Scout Car-25
Scout Car-6
Siren Racer

Voting Awards

Best In Show = Terminator 2 (10 votes)
Most Creative = Mario Racer (11 votes)
Most Scout-Like = Arrow (11 votes)
Best Theme = Bowser Bullet (10 votes)
Most Patriotic = Saber (26 votes)
Most Unique = Ultimate Wiener (8 votes)
Most Colorful = Ski on Neon (39 votes)
Best Paint Job = Sweet Ride (8 votes)
Best Wood Carving = Bullet (14 votes)
Best Stickers/Decals = Roadblox (25 votes)
Most Realistic Car = Siren Racer (22 votes)

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