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Ten Reasons to Consider Joining Cub Scouts

The following “Top Ten Reasons to Sign Your Son Up for Cub Scouts” was written by another Scouter and shared to the Cub Scout Volunteers Facebook page to assist Packs with recruiting.  Please read below for 10 great reasons to consider when making the decision to join Cub Scouts.

10. He’ll Try New Things
9. You’ll Get to Experience Cub Scouts With Him
8. He’ll Learn By Doing
7. Cub Scouts will Help Him Overcome Shyness
6. He’ll Make New Friends
5. He’ll Lose at Pinewood Derby (And Build Character)
4. It’s Remarkably Safe
3. They’ll Get Great Role Models
2. Cub Scouts is Fun
1. Cub Scouts will Improve His Life

The full article can be viewed on the author’s website at the following link:

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