Wolf Elective – Finding Your Way

Requirements Overview

Complete the following requirements:
1. Do the following:

(a) Using a map of your city or town, locate where you live.
(b) Draw a map for a friend so he or she can locate your home, a park, a school, or other locations in your neighborhood. Use symbols to show parks, buildings, trees, and water. You can invent your own symbols. Be sure to include a key so your symbols can be identified.
2. Do the following:

(a) Identify what a compass rose is and where it is on the map.
(b) Use a compass to identify which direction is north. Show how to determine which way is south, east, and west.
3. Go on a scavenger hunt using a compass, and locate an object with a compass.
4. Using a map and compass, go on a hike or walk with your den or family.

Meeting Summary

Have you ever been lost in the woods before?  If so, stay tuned for this exciting adventure to learn about tools that can help keep you from getting lost ever again.  Scouts that complete this adventure will learn how to read a map, identify helpful symbols on a map, and apply what they learned to draw their own map of their neighborhood.  Additionally, scouts will learn how to use a compass and locate an object using the compass by participating in a scavenger hunt or orienteering course.

This video was prepared as a resource to support the Baltimore Area Council Summer Camp in a box program during the Summer of 2020.   All of the resources needed to complete this adventure are available within the video or in the links to the right.

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