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Advancement – Bobcat Rank

Earning the Bobcat Rank

The first rank that every boy in a Tiger Den or above must earn when entering the Cub Scouting Program is the Bobcat rank.

Bobcat badge

To earn the Bobcat rank the new Cub Scout must do the following:

  1. Learn and say the Scout Oath, with help if needed.
  2. Learn and say the Scout Law, with help if needed.
  3. Show the Cub Scout sign. Tell what it means.
  4. Show the Cub Scout handshake. Tell what it means.
  5. Say the Cub Scout Motto. Tell what it means.
  6. Show the Cub Scout Salute. Tell what it means.
  7. With your parent or guardian, complete the exercises in the pamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide—Bobcat Requirements.

These requirements are listed in every Cub Scout Handbook, for all ranks (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light).

Once the bobcat rank is earned it is maintained throughout the duration of scouting.

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